In Any Event has become synonymous for our tailor made multi-generational itineraries.

It is difficult to ensure that everyone from Grandma, through professionals, teenagers,  right to a young child are all kept occupied and interested.  We have the guides on hand to do just that, and our long list of return guests bears testimony to this art.

Family cycle ride through London

This is enjoyed by many of our continental visitors, and is especially our Dutch clients. With a private guide, we can fit up the family with the correct cycles, safety equipment etc, and enjoy exploring London on bike. This gives you access to places not possible with a car, and is a refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone. We also have a driver at hand just in case anyone gets tired and wants to retreat back to the hotel!

Harry Potter

Specialist tour with special access to the Poisoned garden at Alnwick.

Over the last few years, Harry Potter has become a phenomenon.  We have specialist guides who can take you to all the film locations in London, and even to the house in Bracknell which was the Durlsey’s house. It is a real house in a small cul desac!  From here you can further abroad to Oxford, and some of the locations such as the Divinity School, and to Cambridge where the Hogwarts Dining Room is based on a College dining Hall. For real enthusiasts, we can arrange a driver to go further afield, to Lacock, alias Hogsmeade station, and even north up to Alnwick Castle for a private visit and afternoon tea with the owners.  The Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour is just outside London, and has proved to be a constant sell out!


Film location for The World renowned Downton Abbey, we can arrange a private visit with the owners for a behind the scenes tour. Highclere is also famous for its remarkable Egyptology collection some of which was found hidden behind a wall, all linked to Earl Carnarvon and the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Many of our clients are also horse lovers, and we can arrange a private visit to the stud to view the horses.