Great Britain has such a vast wealth of history and heritage that even if you spent a year in our green and pleasant land, it would still not be possible to do justice to our heritage. All corners of Great Britain are teeming with possibilities to feed your interests and curiosity. From the Neolithic period, seeing the sun rise at Stonehenge on a frosty winter solstice, to dressing for dinner during a stay at a private country estate, In Any Event can tailor an experience for you to explore Britain’s rich and chequered history.

We can draw upon a range of the finest experts, who can bring to life your area of interest, be it the Roman occupation, or the life and loves of the wicked Henry VIII and his many wives. Tours can be adapted to every level, in order that young members of a group can be engaged by listening to enthralling tales, and exhibits, whilst simultaneously, likeminded adults can immerse themselves in much more in depth discussions; the results are phenomenal.